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Luvele Flow Mesh Sheets | Pack of Three


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Luvele non stick, mesh liners are used to prevent foods with high sugar content, such as bananas, tomatoes and watermelon from sticking to the drying trays. Without the mesh liner sticky foods can be difficult and frustrating to peel or scrape off the trays. The mesh liners also help prevent small pieces of food, like herbs, from falling through the trays. Lastly, they minimize liquid from meat Jerky or juice from dripping down from one tray onto another. The mesh liners are non-stick, easy to clean, heat-resistant, reusable and they carry SGS (Global) and FDA (USA) food safety approvals. They are also BPA free.

• Luvele Mesh Sheets for the Luvele Flow Food Dehydrator, Pack of 2.
• Mesh Sheet diameter = 265mm, Inner Hole diameter = 72mm.
• BPA free, Phthalates free, non toxic.
• Compatible with the Luvele Flow Food Dehydrator only (LFFD250)

Series: Flow Food Dehydrator
Model Number: MSLFFD250EUX3
Weight: 0.7KG
Sheet Diameter257mm
Inner Hole Diameter: 65mm
Use: Household
Manufacture: Luvele – Europe

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