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Barb Hodgens

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Grape sorbet

Easiest summer treat that is naturally sweet.

If you tend to go for fruit-based sweet treats, you’re going to love this recipe that comes together in just minutes and tastes like a decadent dessert. It’s hard to believe it only has two ingredients! 

Unlike a traditional sorbet, which is churned with a hefty amount of sugar, this cheats method is 100% fruit. Frozen grapes are excellent for making sorbets because the insides don't freeze rock-hard and puree in the Vibe Blender jug to such a fine texture that it’s hard to believe it's made without an ice cream maker. Simply freeze your grapes ahead of time, and you're good to go. The result is velvety scoops of pure frozen fruit bliss.

grape sorbet

Seek out grapes that are seedless and full of flavour—the sweeter they are, the better the sorbet. A little bit of lemon zest and juice adds acid for balance and brightens up the grape’s already vibrant flavour. 

grape sorbet



1 kg (approx. 4 cups) of seedless grapes (any variety)
1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest 
1 tablespoon lemon juice


1.   The day before: wash the grapes and remove from the stem. Arrange in a single layer on a tray lined with baking paper. Freeze until solid for at least 4 hours.
2.   Add the frozen grapes plus juice and zest to the Vibe Blender jug.
Insert the tamper into the lid and secure it on the jug. Choose ‘smoothie’ mode and blend while pressing downward and rotating the tamper for approx. one minute.

grape sorbet

 Stop and scrape down the sides then continue blending until you have a smooth sorbet consistency.

4.   Scoop into bowls and serve immediately or transfer to a dish and allow to firm up in the freezer.
5.   Grape sorbet will last for months in the freezer and will never freeze so hard that you can’t scoop into it.


grape sorbet

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