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Barb Hodgens

Barb Hodgens loves to cook with alternative, healthy whole food ingredients, with a focus on gut health. Barb has overcome her own gut health issues through healthy eating. Share your ideas, comments and photos at the end of this post :)

seafood sauce 2 ways

Better than store-bought and simple to make.

If you’re serving seafood this season, then you’ll need a show stopping sauce (or two) to serve alongside for dipping. A fantastic seafood sauce will take your platter to the next level and make every bite delectable. When you’ve invested in pricy seafood, it’s really worth skipping the jarred stuff and making your own. Once you experience the difference, you’ll never return to the store-bought versions again.

We have two delicious sauces. A classic Tartare and a super loaded Thousand Island dressing. Mayonnaise provides a creamy base for both sauces. You can use your favourite store-bought brand, or, for the best ever sauce, start by making your own mayonnaise. With the Vibe Blender System, the emulsion process is easy and failsafe and only takes a minute.

seafood dipping sauce

Made from scratch seafood sauce can be prepared days ahead. Stored in an airtight glass container, both will keep for up to a week in the fridge. While you can serve the sauce immediately, we recommend making them a day in advance so that the flavours have time to meld.

Both dipping sauces are delicious accompanied with many foods beyond seafood. Use the left overs as a dipping sauce for vegetables and fries, slather on sandwiches and burgers or drizzle over salads.

seafood dipping sauce

Tartare Sauce

Our Tartare is just like what you get from your local fish and chip shop, only so much better! It’s super creamy and you can actually taste the pickled gherkins and capers. It's got a slight tang and some sweetness which pairs well with buttery seafood, calamari, and especially good with crumbed fish and chips and so much more.

Thousand Island Dressing

This Thousand Island dressing works wonderfully well with a variety of seafood, and is especially good with fresh prawns. With the addition of ketchup, it has more layers of flavour. It’s savoury, slightly sweet and tangy, and a little bit spicy. It’s super loaded with gherkins and capers and gets an extra flavour kick from fresh dill. This Thousand Island dressing is unlike anything you’ll find at the store.

seafood dipping sauce


Homemade mayonnaise
2 fresh eggs (at room temp)

1½ teaspoons of Dijon mustard
1 cup (250ml) avocado oil (or mild tasting olive oil)
Juice of half a lemon
¼ teaspoon salt or more to taste
Cracked pepper to taste

Classic Tartar
2/3 cup mayonnaise

4 large sweet pickles/gherkins chopped
1 teaspoon capers drained & chopped.
2 spring onions, finely chopped (white and green part)
1 tablespoon fresh parsley finely chopped.
½ teaspoon sugar
Adjust taste, with extra lemon, salt or sugar 

Thousand Island Dressing
½ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup ketchup
4 large sweet pickles/gherkins chopped
1 teaspoon capers drained & chopped
1 spring onion, chopped
½ teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 teaspoon of hot sauce (Tabasco or siracha)
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
Adjust taste, with extra lemon, salt or sugar


Homemade Mayonnaise
   Place the eggs and mustard in the Vibe Blender jug, secure the lid on and then pulse twice to combine.

2.   Remove the ‘filler cap’ from the lid.
3.   Choose ‘smoothie’ mode and toggle the speed to the lowest setting. While the blender is on low, SLOWLY drip the oil into the egg mixture. Approx. 1 dessert spoon full at a time over the course of 1 minute. The consistency will quickly change and thicken.
4.   Add the lemon juice, salt and pepper then blend for a further 5 seconds.
5.   Now you have homemade mayonnaise in the blender jug, you can proceed with making made from scratch seafood sauce.
6.   To begin, pour ½ a cup of mayonnaise out of the jug and set aside. (this will be used for the Thousand Island dressing). The mayonnaise in the jug will be made into tartare. 

seafood dipping sauce

Classic Tartare
   Add the chopped gherkins, capers, spring onion, parsley, and sugar to the mayonnaise in the blender jug.

8.   ‘Pulse’ several times until you reach your desired consistency. Don’t over blend. Retain flecks of green and small chunks of gherkin.
9.   Taste test - adjust with extra lemon, salt or sugar
10.  Pour into a glass, airtight storage container and store in the fridge until required.(no need to rinse the blender jug)
11.  Stir the tartare before serving.

seafood dipping sauce

Thousand Island Dressing
Pour the remaining homemade mayonnaise into the blender jug.

13.  Add the ketchup, chopped gherkins, capers, spring onion, dill, Worcestershire and hot sauce, the ‘Pulse’ several times until you reach your desired consistency. Don’t over blend. Chunky is good.
14.  Taste test - adjust with extra lemon, salt or sugar
15.  Pour into a glass, airtight storage container and store in the fridge until required.
16.  Stir the dressing before serving.


 Seafood dipping sauce